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The downsides of touring Egypt

Yes, I have been having a wonderful time here in the cradle of civilization, but all is not milk and honey.

There are several real struggles to vacationing in Egypt, well beyond the blazing heat, fleas and constant threat of the “Nile Piles.”

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Skittish cyclists hop on the Bike Train

A group of skittish cyclists who feared two-wheeling on Brooklyn’s mean streets have created a Thursday morning bike pool so they can safely pedal their way to work.

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Thistle Hill Weavers [video]

Thistle Hill Weavers, located in Otsego County, makes high-scale fabrics for Hollywood costume designers.

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My Exit

Every Monday night our friends at WEXT do this thing called My Exit — local listeners get to come into the station and program an hour of music. So we thought it’d be fun to find out a little bit about these people and why they picked the songs on their play list.

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Film Details Refugees’ Journey

Have you heard of the Kunama? Don’t be embarrassed if you haven’t. The Kunama are a tiny ethnic group from Eritrea, which is a country many people haven’t heard of, either.

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Hellions on Wheels

The new feature-length documentary “Hell on Wheels” shows that roller derby isn’t just a sport — it’s a revolution.

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Red wiggler worms are important members of Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew’s household. Because the critters, which live in a box under their sink, eat their weight in food every 24 hours and multiply quickly, they can easily turn food scraps into rich soil perfect for planting vegetables.

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When I stepped off the plane at Louis Armstrong Airport, the first thing I did was find the closest exit. I wanted a whiff of Louisiana air. After months in the New York winter, the luscious swamp air practically danced around my nose. I was traveling with my mother and 19-year-old sister. In December, I had won two round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines in a raffle for charity, and decided to share my luck with my mother. New Orleans was a city she had always wanted to visit, but hadn’t; I had been there several times during my college years, but had stuck mostly to the French Quarter. We made arrangements for mid-March in order to include my sister during her spring break week.

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