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Papa, don’t preach! Williamsburgers want weekend preacher to turn it down

Street preacher Ray Bou has been spreading the word of God with the help of very loud amplifiers at the corner of Broadway and Havemeyer Street every weekend for the past 14 years. Neighbors say he is louder than the J and M trains that run overhead.

A group of Brooklynites are banding together to try to quiet down a street preacher whose bombastic, amplified sermons have annoyed them for years.

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Finally! A valet for bikes!

There’s no longer a need to sit in an exhaust-spewing box to get to Barclays Center to see the “National” when now you can ride there in the open air have your bike parked by a valet.

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Flying high with Pan

A new adaptation of the tale about a boy who never grows up is grown-up in unexpected ways.Peter Pan has tattoos, Captain Hook is a lascivious ex-plastic surgeon who hallucinates talking lobsters, and the Lost Boys dress in the height of trucker-hat hipsterism in the Never Never Land that the artistic enablers of House of Yes have dreamed up in their aerial production of Peter Pan.

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