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Every Monday night our friends at WEXT do this thing called My Exit – local listeners get to come into the station and program an hour of music. So we thought it’d be fun to find out a little bit about these people and why they picked the songs on their play list.

Here’s tonight’s person:

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Danielle Furfaro, journalist and member of Hellions of Troy Roller Derby

Musical taste:

I used to answer this question with “the space between jazz and country.” Or ‘indie rock adult contemporary.” I’m a lifelong music geek and love studying the lineage of genres. Some of my favorites are the Flaming Lips, Bob Dylan, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Neil Michael Hagerty.

Songs from Danielle’s My Exit:

Instead of choosing just music that has influenced me, I went with songs that I love that have a world or world music influence. For some of them, it’s as simple as songs that are about a foreign place.

Quiero Disintegrar A Tu Novio - Los Amigos Invisibles– This is a Venezuelan dance band that was discovered by David Byrne in the 1990s.This song is from their 1999 album, The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera. I love how funky they are and how raunchy the lyrics are, even when you can’t understand most of them.

Desaparecido - Manu Chao– This song creates the image of a lost
wanderer. Which is kind of like multicultural Manu Chao himself. I love that he sings in Spanish, Portuguese and English, sometimes all in the same song.

Minor Swing - 8 1/2 Souvenirs- When I lived in Austin the mid-1990s, 8 1/2 Souvenirs had a residency at the Continental Club, and I would go see them every Wednesday night. Their sound was inspired by the music of Django Reinhardt (this song is a Reinhardt cover) and thesoundtracks of Federico Fellini films. Very geeky and danceable.

Metamorfose Ambulante – Raul Seixas – I first heard this Brazilian pop song in the film City of God, about life on the streets in Rio de Janeiro. Portuguese is so beautiful and I love listening to songs in that language.

I Zimbra - The Talking Heads - The early days of David Byrne’s fascination with world music. This is from 1979′s “Fear of Music.”

You can hear Danielle’s My Exit show tonight at 8 at 97.7 or at Here’s how to schedule your own My Exit show on WEXT.

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